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About Raquel Reis

My name is Raquel Reis and I am a Qualified Doula and a Certified Pregnancy Massage Specialist based in Perth, Western Australia.


My story is mostly about feelings and beliefs. I believe women should be supported throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond, receiving continuity of care. I also believe that everyone deserves to feel respected in their choices.


Nurturing people as they become mothers, fathers and families leaves me with a sense of fulfilment and I feel blessed to be able to do it. 


Each step along the way has made me the doula that I am today. In my case, the path involved becoming a mother first. 


During the birthing journey of my first child, I had the privilege of being supported and nurtured by a doula and did the Hypnobirthing course. All this made me feel informed, respected and heard. My own journey has taught me how important all of this was for me to feel positive about my birth, regardless of the outcome of it. And I describe it as the most positive and empowering experience of my life!


We all have different stories, paths that have brought us to this point. There is no right or wrong - there is just your way. This is why I am a doula. I hear you and I respect you. I walk alongside you as you prepare to have your baby. 


I also believe that knowledge is power and I provide evidence-based resources so you can make informed choices. I do provide emotional support and physical comfort when you need it. And I let go when you are ready to let go.

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My mission is to use my experience to support you to birth with confidence and replace preconceived ideas with facts. I will not empower you, I will help you recognise that you are powerful.


I’m a member of The Doula Network Australia and I have done extensive training with the renowned Vicki Hobbs from Doula Training Academy. I have taken part in many workshops and I spend a lot of time keeping up with all the new evidence and research to continue widening my knowledge to support and nurture my clients with empathy and an open heart. 


I believe every pregnancy and birth is a miracle and as a birth worker, I feel honoured to be able to contribute my expertise to parents and families. I respect and support all people, regardless of creed, colour, age or gender identity.

Since I started my doula journey, I have supported families through their different journeys and choices as homebirths, births in private/public hospitals/birth centre; caesarean births, medicated and unmedicated births, birth of twins and conception via IVF.


​I also speak Portuguese if English is not your first language.


If you think I could be the right person to walk this journey with you and if you would like more information about my services, please contact me:



Professional Development

Member of Doula Network Australia

Supportive Caregivers Training

Hypnobirthing Australia

Doula Training Academy

by Vicki Hobbs

Certificate of Pregnancy Massage

by Pregnancy Massage Australia

Trusting Birth

by Michel Odent & Liliana Lammers

Optimal Maternal Positioning for Professionals

by Ginny Phang-Davey


Professional Breastfeeding Course

by Maternal Instincts by Amberley

LGBT+ Competency in Birth Workshop

by AJ Silver

Basic Skills in Perinatal Mental Health

by COPE (Centre of Perinatal Excellence)

Doula Conference 2021

I Week of Perinatal Education

Gentle Birth

II Week of Perinatal Education

Gentle Birth

III Week of Perinatal Education

Gentle Birth

CPR training

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