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Birth Doula

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If you are not sure what a doula is and the role of the doula, it might be helpful to read What is a Doula? & Why a Doula?.

My mission is to use my experience to support you to birth with confidence and replace preconceived ideas with facts. I will not empower you, I will help you recognise that you are powerful.

We all have different stories, paths that have brought us to this point. There is no right or wrong - there is just your way. This is why I am a doula. I hear you and I respect you. I walk alongside you as you prepare to have your baby.


The Birth Doula Service Includes


• Initial no-obligation and free of charge meeting to get to know each other/see if we connect and would make a good fit & find out how I can support you and your partner;
• Continuity of support and care;
• Two in-home prenatal visits;
• Personalise Birth Preferences guidance and assistance with preparation of a simple but effective Birth Plan;
• Resources and evidence-based information;
• Information on birthing options and local hospitals;
• Build on your birth knowledge so you can make confident birth choices;
• Discounted price for pregnancy massages;
• Acupressure Points;
• Rebozo techniques;
• Use of Labour TENS Machine during labour;

• Use of Birth Ball;

• Use of Breast Pump (if needed);
• Access to my collection of documentaries & books;
• Photos when appropriate and a beautiful video (if wanted);
• The opportunity to use the CUB (Comfortable Upright Birth Support);
• Breathing and relaxation techniques to increase natural coping mechanisms;
• Hypnobirthing guidance;
• Guided meditations to help you prepare for birth;
• Working through fears or emotional blocks around labour, birth and parenting you and your partner may have;
• Advice on good postures and exercise;
• Advice and suggest different labour and birthing positions;
• Support for the birth partner during labour and birth they can take a break without feeling guilty or anxious and provide tools to build your partner's support skills;
• 24-hour on-call availability from 38 weeks up until labour begins (if multiple pregnancy: from 32 weeks);
• Birth attendance;
• Immediate postpartum care 1-2 hours after birth (if needed);
• One postpartum visit & birth debrief;
• Unlimited text, phone and email support;
• Referral to other support professionals and services as required;
• All travel and other expenses;
• Discounts apply for returning families.

For more information about my doula package or to book a no-obligation meeting please email me

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage

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Treat you through your pregnancy journey with the appropriate techniques and applications of Pregnancy Massage

There is almost nothing better than a Prenatal Massage using long and kneading strokes to alleviate the common stress and discomfort that you may be experiencing during your pregnancy.


As a Professional Pregnancy Massage Therapist qualified with Pregnancy Massage Australia, I understand the changes a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy and I adapt different techniques to address these changes.


With the massage table, towels, pillows and massage oils, I work to create the perfect soothing environment and to help to stabilise hormonal levels and to release endorphins through gentle but targeted massage techniques which are safe for mother and baby.


The massage consists of a series of long, slow and gentle movements to relax the ligaments and muscles around the pelvis with occasional breaks for kneading away stresses and strains in tense areas. I can also teach you appropriate movements you can do at home to create space and mobility through the body to help your baby move into an optimal position for birth and help labour to progress. 


This service is provided in the comfort of your own home (only available in certain areas).


Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage therapy can be extremely beneficial for both mother and child. 

The benefits include:

  • Release Endorphins

  • Reduce fluid retention

  • Increase of oxygen and nutrients to the cells of mother and baby

  • Improve Circulation (which helps to disperse the build-up of cortisol, “the stress hormone”)

  • Relieve Muscular Discomfort

  • May help with the reduction of varicose veins

  • Increase of energy and less fatigue as the lymphatic system circulates faster and more efficiently

  • Reduce Swelling

  • Stabilise hormonal levels by calming the nervous system

  • Improve sleep and overall mood

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Reduce aches

  • Increased range of flexibility and movement 

  • Ease muscle cramps, tension you may be experiencing in the lower back, hips, legs, neck, and weight-bearing joints around the body

  • Prepare muscles and joints used during labour and birth

  • Less sciatica pain

  • Less heartburn, indigestion and sinus congestion

  • Relaxation

  • Reduced high blood pressure

  • Improve the physical and mental wellbeing of your baby.

You may also find helpful the points covered in our Pregnancy Massage FAQ’s.


Pregnancy Massage Prices (mobile massage)


Gift Cards are available and make a wonderful baby shower or birthday present!

60 minutes - $ 110

90 minutes - $ 150

Not sure if I service your area and want to?  Please get in touch.




Please note that I ​​will arrive shortly before your pre-arranged appointment time to set up the massage table.

If this is your first appointment, before the appointment time I will conduct a full consultation with you confirming any medical information I need to be aware of and your suitability for treatment. Therefore, if you come to me, please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment to allow time to fill out the Consultation Form. 

Please be also aware that late arrivals will be charged the full amount for their scheduled appointment duration. I have an obligation to start the next appointment on time.

I appreciate your cooperation with regards to the above. 

For enquiries about the TENS machine hire, please email me at

Maternity TENS Machine Hire

Maternity TENS Machine Hire

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